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Choosing a web design to create a presence for your company on the internet can be a difficult decision. There are many different web design companies currently offering development services, with varying degrees of quality and a wide range of prices. Below you will find our process of designing your website, which we hope you find useful. We feel that defining the customers goals and expectations is crucial to developing a successful web site. As a result, all of our sites are designed from scratch, according to your feedback.

Contact Webstantaneous Web Design

Call or e-mail us to express your interest in developing a new web site, or redesigning your current site. Through this initial discussion we will determine what features you may require and what will best suit your needs. We will discuss overall appearance, color scheme, time frame for completion, and any other relevant issues such as domain name registration or web site hosting, etc. This will be a very informal dialogue to determine the general guidelines for the overall site appearance and function. We will encourage you to compare our services to other web design firms before making any decisions. If you are interested in our services after this first discussion, we will send you our web design contract, and questionnaire.

Meet Webstantaneous Web Design

Once you have returned the completed contract, we will need to meet to discuss the web site development and cost estimates, and transfer the files that will create the content of your web site. This information may include your catalog, brochures, customer feedback forms, pamphlets, business cards, color copies of photos and images, and any other media you wish to include in the web design. We will also need to obtain important company information such as locations, hours, history, philosophy, employee information, etc. Keep in mind that the more information that you can provide for your web site, the more valuable it will be for your visitors. Your site will be available online 24 hours a day, so you want to provide as much accurate information as possible. We will work with you to determine how the web site should be developed and optimized, based on the information you provide at this time.

Web Design Research & Development

We ask that you do some research on the internet and locate web sites that may have design ideas, color schemes, and functions that appeal to you. We also ask that you provide your main competitors' web sites. The more ideas you can provide to us at this stage, the more money you can save on the initial design. Based on your ideas, we will create at least one potential page layout and make it available for you to review. This stage of the process is very interactive, as we will be asking for your opinions quite frequently. We will be working closely with you to determine which elements you like and which you don't until we both begin to get a solid web design scheme that best represents your company.

Web site Implementation

Now that we have established the base appearance of the web design, we will start creating most of the additional pages needed based on the logical organization of the data you have supplied us. This stage may require a lot of interaction from you to clarify the data you provided and the overall appearance of the additional pages and features we add.

Web Site Confirmation

By this point, the majority of the site layout should be developed, and we will be asking for your feedback on the total look and feel, as well as functionality. We will be editing the completed information, checking all of the functions, sculpting the site as a whole and finalizing the arrangements for your web hosting.

Web Site Launch, Marketing & Maintenance

The web design should now be complete. With your approval, we will consider the initial design process finished. At this point you will be billed for the balance of the web design fees. The web site will be publicly launched on the Internet and the web marketing process will begin. You are in no way obligated to use our web marketing services, but without outbound marketing of your new site you will have a difficult time getting new visitors. Marketing includes search engine submission, link requests, newsletter subscriptions, online advertising and more. From this point on, changes made to the web site will be billed at our hourly site maintenance rate, and marketing is billed at the same rate plus costs (submission fees, banner fees etc.)

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